MABA Certified Fertilizer Applicator Program

The MABA Certified Fertilizer Applicator (CFA) Program is a voluntary program to provide training and certification for custom fertilizer applicators in the implementation of nutrient management practices, equipment safety and operation, and application technology. The program is directed and administered by the Michigan Agri-Business Association.

Certification is based on annual accumulation of credits obtained from training and educational sessions. No test is required or available for certification. The certification year begins annually on January 1st and is issued based on credits accumulated during the previous 12 months. Certification requires 6 credits annually. Certification credits will be available for any training session covering relevant content. Companies may apply for certification credits for events through the MABA office. In addition to industry training sessions, MABA will offer certification credits as well during several events, including at the 2016 MABA Winter Conference, where sufficient credits will be available to qualify for 2016 certification.

Certified Fertilizer Applicator (CFA) Program Details:

The CFA program seeks to ensure environmental stewardship by optimizing nutrient applications, minimizing environmental risks, and leveraging new technologies. Subject matter is intended to refresh experienced operators with the fundamentals of nutrient application, introduce basic concepts to beginning applicators, and reinforce the link between practices and outcomes. These sessions are designed to provide tender truck drivers, dry and liquid applicators with varied experience levels important information on nutrient application and stewardship. Relevant content of the certification program includes:

Nutrient Management:

  • Applying intended rates
  • Compatibility, density, flowability of dry and liquid fertilizers
  • Coordinating applications with rainfall events and frozen ground
  • Maintaining proper setbacks from ditches and tile inlets
  • Properly communicating necessary incorporation needs


  • Spill response
  • Over the road travel
  • Personal protection


  • Mapping and guidance
  • Applications of remote sensing
  • Emerging tools

Enrollment & Certification:

To enroll in the Certified Fertilizer Applicator Program, simply attend a training session offering credits and place your name on the certification sheet at the end of the meeting. Records of certification and accumulated credits are available through the MABA office.


To apply for certification credits for a meeting your organization is holding, you must return this form to the MABA office via mail, email or fax in order to offer credits at your meeting.


Who may participate in the Certified Fertilizer Applicator Program?
Any custom fertilizer applicator employed by a MABA member organization is eligible for certification under the program.

How do I obtain credits?
Any training program covering relevant subject matter may apply for CFA credits though MABA. This includes existing industry equipment training sessions offered around that state. In addition, many MABA events will offer CFA credits.

Do I have to take a test to be certified?
No, the CFA program does not offer a testing option for certification. Certification is issued based on training events. 

How long does my certification last?
The certification year begins annually in April of each year and lasts for 12 months. It is necessary to recertify each year.

Where can I obtain CFA credits?
A listing of upcoming CFA approved training sessions

How do I apply to offer CFA credits at a meeting I am hosting?

Credit application form

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