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About The Michigan Agri-Business Association

The Michigan Grain Dealers Association, the forerunner of the Michigan Agri-Business Association was formed on June 25, 1903. Though over the years the Association’s name has changed reflecting the merger of other Associations, including the Michigan Agrichemical and Fertilizer Association in 1990, the primary interests of the group have been consistent and clear; to further the development and prosperity of businesses engaged in agriculture!

Today representatives of the organization are seen often in the Michigan Capitol meeting with legislators, working with various state agencies, or even in the halls of the United States Capitol making sure that members interests are not overlooked, and that Michigan’s agri-business community is heard on important issues!

The Michigan Agri-Business Association is also a strong supporter of education and informational programs on a wide variety of topics throughout the year. Ranging from grain grading schools to personnel management, the Board of Directors of the Association is firmly committed to making sure that members have the opportunity to learn the latest on any subject that may affect them, and their business.

The Association sponsors an Annual Winter Conference and Trade Show, Outlook Conference and each year publishes a directory regarded as the authority on who’s who in Michigan Agriculture.

Members of the Association have access to all these activities, are encouraged to become involved in committees as they choose and are kept up to date on the latest issues and happenings with timely and informative publications.

The Michigan Agri-Business Association, the organization of agriculture businesses!

Michigan Agri-Business Association
1501 North Shore Dr., Suite A
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 336-0223 - (517) 336-0227-FAX

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